Equipa d´O Ciclista

Clube de Jornalismo O Ciclista:

Professoras: Dra. Graça Matos e Dra. Sara Castela

Alunas: Adriana Matos, Ana Neta, Beatriz Agante, Matilde Santos e Sofia Pedrosa

Alunos: Daniel Almeida, Henrique Ferreira, João Rocha e Tomás Antunes

Dra. Miquelina Melo – Membro Honorário

terça-feira, 8 de novembro de 2016


Halloween is celebrated on the 31st October. On this day, children dress up in scary costumes like witches, ghosts, vampires…., and visit the houses of friends and family. They often wear horrible masks, too. They go Trick or Treating, asking for sweets or money. Sometimes people decorate their houses with pumpkins with a candle inside called Jack O’Lanterns.
Here is a small exhibition of some of arts and crafts made by our students.
By doing this they learnt some culture from the English spoken countries, had fun and ate some candies.
 O Grupo 120 - Inglês

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